About Seopages.com

I'm in my sixties now, I started building websites in 2005. I stopped when I had a heart problem and was disabled, so I took down 250 websites that I was running, and sold over 300 domain names. I thought I would never get back into it, but a few months ago, I bought a couple of domain names, and that was all it took for me to get back into it, so now I have over 35 websites up and running, and I have almost 100 domain names. When I build a site, it's not for looks, but for speed, and search engine friendly. I also like to offer something free on all my websites for all other webmaster, because when I started out with nothing, I had so much help from other webmasters, so I want to help out any new webmaster.

A little bit about optimizing your website to be search engine friendly, and it's not so hard, but most are just to lazy to take the time to do it. It's very simple to take a few keywords from your meta tag, and add those in a sentence, or a text link on different parts of your webpage. That's it, it's very simple. most new webmasters go crazy with with submit sites, submitting their sites to everyone they can find, only to find their banned from Google because of submitting to search engines more than once a month. The best way is to find a submission site that offers around a hundred search engines, and submit to that one only, because most will have more and the same ones you already submitted too. Don't get caught up in that. The truth is, you don't have to even submit to search engines, just keep updating your websites, and the search engines will find you.

Creating backlinks from a backlink service is a waste of time for the most part, and don't pay a bunch of money to have this done. The backlinks are not permanent, and will disappear before the next day. Now some may stay on the site if it's a directory, or exchange, but most are who is sites, and some may stay on the site for awhile.

Take each of your websites pages and pick a few keywords out of your meta tags, and add them to a text link or in a sentence on different places of your page. Do this to all pages with a lot of content. You'll notice a difference in a matter of days, with more traffic. Don't spend a lot of money to get traffic, which is so FREE!

If your surfing the net and you run across a PR1-PR8 0r PR9, try to exchange links with that site because those sites are high authority sites, and their link will get your more popular with the search engines... I have many domain names with higher page rank and I will exchange links with any sites that is of good standing. I have 8 PR4 sites, 3 PR5 sites, one PR3, one PR2, and PR1, and all my sites are on the front page, so go exchange links with them all. Another thing I forgot to mention, is, even if a site has no ranking, but plenty of content, is a plus to exchange links with those sites also, because search engines will look at that site that is linked to you and you will get traffic. Good Luck To You....